Muhammet Sait

I can center a div!

Been in the div centering business since 2015

I can create a navbar

Try out the different screen sizes

I make right-to-left UIs

Oh! There's a flip button

I can animate with CSS

Try hovering over the icons

I test my code

Jest logo Jest logo
Polypane logo Polypane

I pay close attention to compatibilty

Image showing a transition animation between a desktop, a laptop and a smartphone

So many devices, so many browsers; one code to rule them all!

I crush the metrics

Chrome devtools metrics screenshot

Accessibility (WCAG2), Performance, SEO and Best Practices

I can deploy my work

Vultr logo Cloud Servers
Github logo Github Actions
Gitlab logo GitLab Runners
Docker logo Docker

It works on my computer, it works on yours too!

My Toolbox

If you've made it this far, then you should

Hire me!

I'm open to Front-end, Fullstack or DevOps/SRE positions.

Get in touch: LinkedIn, Email, and Phone (also WhatsApp).

Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day!